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I have recently completed my third training session at the Animal Dental Training Center. The learning experiences have been high quality and well-planned. The facility is well-equipped, neat, clean, and provides a comfortable learning environment. Instruction and discussions were in-depth and continued until all questions were answered and all specimens reviewed and critiqued. This resulted in some pretty long days that we students were eager to take advantage of and that the instructors were patient in providing. The interactive discussion and work critique sessions resulted in the learning of a large amount of material in a short time. The dedication of the instructors to providing high quality dental education was obvious in the facility, treatment of the students, and the large amount of effort that is required to prepare to offer Mock AVDC Practical Exams and other courses.

Gary C.Lantz, DVM, Dipl ACVS
Professor of Surgery, Purdue University

Thank you for an outstanding educational program! Although I have attended many continuing education courses over the years, this is the first program I have attended that I have actually spent more time in the education process than waiting in line to use the equipment. I thoroughly enjoyed going to a dental course where each individual participant had everything they needed close at hand to perform the necessary procedures right away. Thank you for your clear instruction and program outline. It made my dental learning experience both educational and enjoyable. So far I have participated in two of your programs and am looking forwards to the challenges of the Master's level course. You definitely make learning fun!

Wayne Creel, DVM
Haywood Road Animal Hospital
Greenville, South Carolina

I highly recommend that anyone taking the AVDC exam take the Mock exam first (at least once). The Mock exam is intense, and this training helped me to reach a comfort level in pacing myself through procedures. The highlight of the weekend is the critique which focuses on excellence in performance of skills. I have taken the Mock exam twice and plan to return to the ADTC for a Masters Course. The instruction is superb.

Sharon Hoffman, DVM
Northeast Ohio Veterinary Dentistry
Akron, Ohio

The Mock Exam weekend was a fun experience in that everyone there was working towards the same goal; that of increasing our level of competency in Veterinary Dentistry. I truly enjoyed the camaraderie with those that were there, and as usual, the level of instruction was great. I appreciate the time you and Mark have put in on both the Masters Level Course, and the Mock Exam. When doing procedures in a lab setting at some of the large meetings, it's sometimes hard to get the really small details that make or break the success of a treatment. I am surprised at some of the things I'm picking up after having some of these procedures for 5 or 6 years! It's been a long time since I've been in a classroom setting that was as intense as it was on Saturday. I am looking forwards to the next Masters Course!

Clarence Sitzman, DVM
Front Range Veterinary Clinic
Fort Collins, Colorado

I highly recommend dental training with Dr. Luskin. He has a unique facility for hands-on training and provides great tips and insight from his many years in Veterinary Dentistry. I found my learning experience here much better than most of the CE I have attended in the past. For anyone serious in improving their dentistry knowledge and skills, time spend at this training center is a must!

Joe Valese, DVM
Mt. Pocono Animal Hospital
Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania

Thanks again for a great CE experience. They have been the best CE courses I’ve had in the 20 years since graduating from veterinary school. The courses in radiology, surgery and endodontics have enabled me to make dentistry the most gratifying aspect of my small animal practice.

Robert Baratt, DVM
Salem Valley Veterinary Clinic
Salem, CT

My experience at the ADTC was unlike any other continuing education course. I have attended many dental lectures and wet labs, and have found them of limited practical value. Lectures alone cannot teach these techniques. The wet labs I have attended have averaged 30-60 people, which only allows for extremely limited interaction. The small class size at the ADTC allows for extensive one-on-one interaction, which has given me a comfort level that I thought would take months of practice to achieve. Thanks again.

Brian Hewitt, DVM
Cheyenne West Animal Hospital
Las Vegas, Nevada

I have attended over a half dozen dental wet labs at various national meetings over the last few years. This was by far the best dental wet lab I have attended. The facility was excellent and I received very individualized attention and instruction. Particularly helpful was the extended amount of hands-on time. I would strongly recommend this wet lab.

Don Hoover, DVM
Westside Animal Hospital
Durham, North Carolina

I am very pleased to have taken the Mock exam as my expectations were FAR EXCEEDED. The Mock exam was a unique educational experience superior to all previous continuing education I have received from any source (AAHA, AVMA, Dental Forum, ACVS, Dental Colleges and Universities). The fee for the Mock was well worth the expenditure. It was particularly enjoyable to share this experience with others at a similar level of skill. I would not hesitate to recommend the Mock exam to others interested in improving their practical dental skills. I spoke with other participants and received only very positive feedback. I feel that you should be proud of the Training Center and the foresight to have created this opportunity for my colleagues and me. I welcome others to contact me regarding the Mock exam if there are any concerns or considerations of value. There is no currently available program better than this one!

Dale Kressin, Dipl. AVDC
Animal Medical & Dental Center of Oshkosh
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Thank you for the interesting Endodontic Class. I would like to tell you that the most outstanding thing for me, and what sets your instruction apart from any other that I have experienced, was that each person had his/her own work station. This in itself made the educational experience so much more beneficial.

William Vaughn, DVM
Central Avenue Animal Clinic
Camarillo, California

My experience at the Animal Dental Training Center was excellent. The small class size and individual attention by the instructors was far superior to other “hands on” courses I have attended. It was definitely the best value relative to the money invested. I hope to attend another course soon.

Dr. Joseph Wilder
Boulevard Animal Hospital
Syracuse, New York

I wanted to thank you for the great oral surgery lab that I attended in Baltimore last weekend. I have attended many dental labs across the country including several at the Dental Forum, and I can say without reservation that your lab is the best lab that I have ever attended. The topics were very practical and these techniques will be used in my own practice. This lab is an intense, non-stop learning experience. The facility is large, comfortable, and well equipped with instrumentation. The instructor to student ratio is excellent and either you or Dr. Mark Smith were always available to answer my questions or help with a procedure. I will definitely return to the Animal Dental Training Center to further my education.

John Koehm
Community Animal Hospital
Reno, NV